April 30, 2024


Blog: eSIMs On Demand In Minutes, Not Months


Today, RiPSIM has great news for carriers and network operators of all sizes: our groundbreaking Rapid Integrated Platform for eSIM lifecycle management is now generally available. Our patented, fully GMSA-certified, cloud-native technology allows wireless carriers to design, develop and download eSIMs on demand: in minutes, not months.

That was the vision the founders had when the company was started, and we have now delivered on that vision.

As experts who’ve collectively logged decades in the rarified world of eSIMs, we understand wireless carriers’ and private network operators’ frustration when it comes to getting new eSIM templates: the long waits, the lack of control, the uncertainty from knowing that their key credentials are being moved around the globe by third parties.

Why hasn’t the eSIM process been modernized yet? We thought it was crazy that digital eSIMs were still being designed and generated using the same manual processes as for SIM cards. Now with RiPSIM, mobile network operators can control their own eSIM creation process and avoid the operational inefficiencies, high costs, and lack of sovereignty associated with traditional methods.

eSIMs are crucial for wireless network authentication

Why care about eSIMs, anyway? Because SIMs, a crucial cybersecurity mechanism for authenticating devices onto wireless networks, are at the heart of every cell phone and other mobile device on the planet. The SIM market is currently in transition, moving from traditional physical SIM cards to digital eSIMs. As this transition progresses, and as billions of 5G and IoT devices come online over the next few years, the demand for eSIMs will skyrocket.

Today’s handful of legacy SIM vendors, whose business models force them to stick with their outmoded, largely manual processes, are simply not equipped to keep up with the demand.

Who are our customers? Already, several forward-thinking companies have embraced the RiPSIM platform and are reaping the benefits. Here are three we’re announcing today:

Mobi logoSEMPRE.ai logo      James Valley Wireless logo

  • mobi (see press release), a Hawai’i-based wireless carrier, is using RiPSIM as it expands to the continental U.S. and grows its subscriber base.
  • SEMPRE  (see press release), a Colorado-based startup, is securely generating eSIMs for its military-grade edge micro datacenter, which combines a 5G private network with high-performance computing.
  • James Valley Wireless  (JVW), (see press release) a South Dakota-based telecom company, will be able to continue offering phone services to its subscribers by generating its own eSIMs.

We’re excited to see what individual carriers, from the Tier 1 giants to the smallest regional carriers and private network operators, will be able to do once they get their hands on our breakthrough eSIM management platform. And we look forward to the impact it will have on the entire mobile industry.

Want to learn more? Check out our website. And let us know if you’d like more information on our Rapid Integrated Platform for eSIM lifecycle management. We’d be happy to answer your questions directly.