April 30, 2024

RiPSIM Press Release

RiPSIM Gives SEMPRE the eSIM Security and Sovereignty Required for its Military-Grade Private 5G Network

Patented RiPSIM platform keeps the entire eSIM process under one roof

ASHBURN, Va.,  April 30, 2024 — RiPSIM Technologies, developer of the world’s first fully SaaS-based, on-demand integrated eSIM management platform, announced today that SEMPRE.ai, a technology company created to secure America’s critical infrastructure, is using the RiPSIM platform to generate eSIMs for its hardened private 5G network.

“For SEMPRE, the ability to maintain complete custody and control over its end-to-end eSIM lifecycle within the United States—without having to pass credentials and keys back and forth with foreign entities, as happens with legacy eSIM vendors—is a must-have,” said Chris Jahr, CEO and co-founder of RiPSIM. 

“RiPSIM has created the ability for us to have a completely sovereign eSIM, which was an important missing piece in our communication and edge cloud solution,” said Rob Spalding, CEO of SEMPRE, retired U.S. Air Force Brigadier General and former White House National Security Council senior director for strategic planning. “RiPSIM is the only company we know that can deliver this level of security and control over such a vital piece of wireless technology.”

SEMPRE secure and resilient communications

SEMPRE provides a secure, resilient 5G cellular network and private local cloud for anytime, anywhere access to communications and high-performance edge computing. The security-focused software architecture, housed within a tamper-resistant EMP-hardened enclosure, ensures the network and local cloud are available in real-time, where and when it’s needed. 

SEMPRE’s fixed and mobile networks overlay and extend existing telecommunication infrastructure or operate as a stand-alone solution. Sectors benefiting from SEMPRE’s technology include government, defense, telecommunications, disaster response, and critical infrastructure.

RiPSIM is revolutionizing the eSIM process for network providers of any size

RiPSIM’s first-ever integrated, cloud-based platform for designing, generating and delivering eSIMs accomplishes in minutes what traditional SIM vendors take months to do—while keeping all aspects of the eSIM lifecycle within a company’s control and a nation’s borders.

By turning eSIM acquisition into a SaaS-based self-service process, RiPSIM enables wireless carriers and private network operators to achieve significantly greater operational efficiencies, higher security, greater flexibility and predictable costs—in addition to scalability and freedom from reliance on globally dispersed third parties.


SEMPRE connects, protects and secures what matters most: information and communication vital to critical infrastructure. To accomplish this, the company’s team of security and digital infrastructure experts set out to tackle every aspect of what modern communications should offer users: security, resiliency, high-performing edge compute and survivability. With a focus on innovation and a commitment to excellence, SEMPRE is dedicated to providing solutions that enhance the nation’s security and help secure a safer future for all. To learn more about SEMPRE, visit sempre.ai.

About RiPSIM Technologies

RiPSIM Technologies has developed and patented the world’s first end-to-end, SaaS-based eSIM platform to enable wireless service providers and 4G/5G private network operators to design, develop and deliver eSIMs at any time, in any quantity, for any device and at the highest security level in the wireless industry. RiPSIM’s GSMA-certified, cloud-native, microservices-based software features highly intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces that allow wireless engineers, regardless of skill level, to develop eSIMs with confidence, while enabling wireless service providers to fully automate their eSIM workflows and reduce operational expenses. For more information, visit www.ripsim.com.

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