RiPSIM Rapid Deployment
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Create a foundation for success.

We’ve designed our training engagements around the critical skills and knowledge needed to make your transition to eSIMs seamless.

Our experts will share best practices and technical tutorials, as well as guide participants through hands-on training exercises.

Your team will emerge fully prepared to independently operate your own eSIM ecosystem.

Our training courses

eSIM/SIM Fundamentals

Topics Include:
  • Defining interfaces for your SIM/eSIM deployment: Input/output file definition, static vs. variable, transport keys, best practices
  • Introduction to SIM Toolkit: What is it, what commands are used, how does it work
  • Introduction to JavaApplets: What is a JavaApplet, why do I need them, who controls them, how to get them onto the secure element; simple vs. complex; backend vs. customer-facing
  • JavaApplet examples: Simple (IMEI Tracker), advanced (HTTP OTA), complex (Multi-IMSI)
  • Limitations of JavaApplets: Device dependencies, interoperability, challenges
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Designing an eSIM Profile

Topics Include:
  • How to build a basic eSIM profile
  • How to configure an authentication algorithm
  • Defining over-the-air parameters
  • Creating a network priority access list
  • Setting roaming parameters
  • Configuring eSIM locking features
  • In-depth guidance on how to define response interface files used for eSIM provisioning
  • Best practices for keeping your eSIM data secure
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