RiPSIM Rapid Deployment
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What's your business model?
The RiPSIMTM business model is based on a simple software subscription. This model liberates the wireless service provider from the inefficiencies of having to continuously place purchase orders for incremental eSIMs while providing the added benefit of capitalizing on the RiPSIM software — so you always know what your costs are.
Is RiPSIM software secure?
Yes! RiPSIM Software is designed using a Zero-Trust architecture for use in your private cloud environment or your contracted public cloud partner. And by leveraging the OpenID framework, you determine who has access rights at the most granular level.
What restrictions do you place on RiPSIM software?
Once licensed, RiPSIM places no restrictions on the use of the software. This means that once the RiPSIM software has been installed, you can generate and download as many eSIMs as wanted.
What does your architecture look like?
RiPSIM Technologies has developed its software using the most modern, state-of-the-art design principles granting the highest level of operational efficiency and security. Our patent-pending design is our "secret sauce" and we are glad to share more with you once an NDA is in place.
When will I be able to use RiPSIM?
It’s available now. Request a demo and a member of our team will contact you shortly.
Is RiPSIM only available to public wireless service providers?
No. RiPSIM software is built on a flexible architecture and can be used in wireless networks of all sizes and deployment types.