April 30, 2024

RiPSIM Press Release

RiPSIM Enables James Valley Wireless to Deploy eSIMs

Indicator of what’s possible for telecom companies of all sizes

ASHBURN, Va. — April 30, 2024 — RiPSIM Technologies, developer of the world’s first SaaS-based, integrated eSIM management platform, announced today that James Valley Wireless (JVW), a South Dakota-based telecom company that’s one of hundreds of telecom companies in the United States, is up and running with the RiPSIM eSIM platform. JVW is part of the Associated Carrier Group (ACG), a buying consortium of Tier 2 and 3 mobile network operators and resellers in various markets throughout the United States.

“Because the RiPSIM platform is optimized to serve wireless operators of all sizes, we’re able to provide small wireless operators like James Valley with the eSIMs they need for their operations, at prices that make sense for them,” said Chris Jahr, CEO and co-founder of RiPSIM. “The economics and scalability of the RiPSIM eSIM platform work just as well for micro and nanocarriers and private networks as they do for the largest telecom companies.”

Jason Hill, IT manager for James Valley Wireless, commented: “When smartphone makers announced they would be selling eSIM-only phones, we knew that access to eSIMs would be a requirement for maintaining our phone service business.” But due to JVW’s small size—fewer than 5,000 mostly rural subscribers—SIM vendors using traditional design, development and deployment processes could not offer eSIMs at a cost that JVW could afford.

“The economics of the eSIM process were working against us, and we were in a real bind,” said Hill. “RiPSIM came to our rescue, enabling us to get eSIMS quickly, easily and at the right budget. They’ve been outstanding to work with, and we’re completely happy with our decision to go with them. Finding RiPSIM has allowed us to stay in the phone business.”

JVW’s rural subscribers appreciate the regional telecom for its superior local coverage. Operating as a cooperative, JVW is also able to bundle services to reduce prices for its subscribers. As eSIMs become the norm, the ability to continue providing wireless cell phone services will enable JVT and other smaller carriers not only to retain existing subscribers, but also pursue new business opportunities that rely on eSIMs, such as supporting wearables, health trackers, IoT devices for agricultural equipment and other emerging markets.

RiPSIM is revolutionizing the eSIM process for network providers of any size

Every mobile device on the planet requires a Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) to authenticate securely to a wireless network. But while the technology has evolved from physical SIM cards to digital SIMs (eSIMs), the process of producing and delivering eSIMs remains mired in cumbersome, analog-based business processes that force wireless carriers and private network operators to wait weeks or even months, and pay dearly, for the eSIMs they need.

RiPSIM’s first-ever GSMA-certified, integrated, cloud-based platform for designing, generating and delivering eSIMs accomplishes in minutes what traditional SIM vendors take months to do.

By turning eSIM acquisition into a SaaS-based self-service process, RiPSIM enables wireless carriers and private network operators to achieve significantly greater operational efficiencies, higher security, greater flexibility, and predictable costs—in addition to scalability and freedom from reliance on globally dispersed third parties.

About RiPSIM Technologies

RiPSIM Technologies has developed and patented the world’s first software-defined, end-to-end eSIM management platform, enabling wireless service providers and 4G/5G private network operators of any size to design, develop and deliver eSIMs at any time, in any quantity, for any device and at the highest security level in the wireless industry. RiPSIM’s GSMA-certified, cloud-native, microservices-based software features highly intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces that allow wireless engineers, regardless of skill level, to develop eSIMs with confidence, while enabling wireless service providers to fully automate their eSIM workflows and reduce operational expenses. For more information, visit www.ripsim.com.

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