April 30, 2024

RiPSIM Press Release

RiPSIM Empowers Wireless Carrier Mobi with eSIM Independence

mobi’s growth in Hawai’i and beyond is powered by RiPSIM’s patented, instant, on-demand eSIM generation platform

ASHBURN, Va. and HONOLULU, Ha. — April 30, 2024 — RiPSIM Technologies, developer of the world’s first SaaS-based, integrated eSIM management platform, announced today that Hawai’i-based wireless carrier mobi is using the digital RiPSIM platform as it expands to the continental U.S. to provide secure wireless access to its growing subscriber base.  

The ability to rapidly generate eSIMs will be important for mobi’s geographic expansion to the continental U.S., where it will tap T-Mobile’s 5G network as part of its multiyear relationship with the Tier 1 carrier. mobi is using the RiPSIM platform to launch eSIM support for its iOS and Android mobile apps and to deliver an enhanced mobile experience to its subscribers.

“mobi is an ideal example of a mobile network operator that needs RiPSIM: they’re nimble, they’re innovative and they care deeply about providing their customers with the best possible service,” said Chris Jahr, CEO and co-founder of RiPSIM. “Being able to control their own end-to-end eSIM process means mobi can respond quickly to its subscribers’ needs and pursue even bigger goals than they’ve already attained.”

Justen Burdette, CEO of mobi, said: “With RiPSIM, we can create eSIMs in minutes, rather than the excruciating months or quarters it took with the traditional SIM process. RiPSIM answered the industry’s big existential question: Why are we generating digital eSIMs using the same analog processes, methods and procedures used for physical SIM cards? In addition to zero capex and minimal integration, RiPSIM has made designing and delivering secure eSIMs so easy that any company can do it, without formal training or expertise in SIM technology.”

RiPSIM is transforming the eSIM process

Every mobile device on the planet requires SIM technology to authenticate securely to a wireless network. But while the technology has evolved from physical SIM cards to digital eSIMs, the process of producing and delivering eSIMs has remained stuck in outdated, largely manual and expensive analog steps.

Recognizing that this market was ripe for transformation, a core group of eSIM veterans came together as RiPSIM to modernize the industry. RiPSIM has built the first-ever GSMA-certified, integrated, SaaS-based process enabling mobile network operators to design, generate and deliver eSIMs in minutes, on their own.

RiPSIM gives wireless carriers and private network operators full control of one of their offerings’ most important security elements, the eSIM. The benefits include significantly greater operational efficiencies, better security, more flexibility, reduced and predictable costs, scalability and freedom from reliance on globally dispersed third parties.

At the recent AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas, RiPSIM and mobi gave a live demonstration of RiPSIM’s instantaneous, end-to-end eSIM profile generation, orchestration and provisioning.

About mobi

Mobi, inc. launched as the regional wireless provider for Hawaiʻi in 2005 — becoming the first carrier in the United States to offer affordable, simple, unlimited mobile service at a time when activation charges, overage penalties, and hidden fees were the norm.  Anyone can switch to mobi in just seconds using the mobi app for iPhone, Apple Pay, and eSIM, with smart, friendly mobi customer care geeks ready to help at any time digitally and at mobi stores in Hawaiʻi.  All mobi team members are proudly represented by the Communications Workers of America (CWA) and mobi is a member of the Competitive Carriers Association (CCA), the CTIA, the GSMA, and the Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC).  Learn more at mobi.com online.

About RiPSIM Technologies

RiPSIM Technologies has developed and patented the world’s first software-defined, end-to-end eSIM management platform, enabling wireless service providers and 4G/5G private network operators of any size to design, develop and deliver eSIMs at any time, in any quantity, for any device and at the highest security level in the wireless industry. RiPSIM’s GSMA-certified, cloud-native, microservices-based software features highly intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces that allow wireless engineers, regardless of skill level, to develop eSIMs with confidence, while enabling wireless service providers to fully automate their eSIM workflows and reduce operational expenses. For more information, visit www.ripsim.com.

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