September 25, 2023

RiPSIM Technologies

RiPSIM Technologies and global cybersecurity leader Utimaco partner to offer highly-scalable eSIM creation and download capability 


RiPSIM to leverage Utimaco’s scalable cloud-based offering    

McLean, VA – September 25, 2023 – RiPSIM has incorporated Utimaco’s cloud-based HSM offering into their fully integrated, cloud-native eSIM lifecycle management platform. This enables wireless service providers, connectivity platforms and enterprise network operators to design, generate, and deliver eSIMs to their mobile subscribers with unparalleled performance while maintaining the highest levels of security and trust demanded by the most discerning global wireless connectivity companies.   

Chris Jahr, RiPSIM Technologies CEO states, “We are delighted to have entered into a strategic partnership with Utimaco as it further realizes our promise to offer wireless service providers, connectivity platforms and enterprise network operators complete autonomy and flexibility over their eSIMs with the peace-of-mind offered by the latest security protocols.” Jahr continues, “By leveraging Utimaco’s FIPS 140-2 level 3 certified Hardware Security Modules (HSMs), RiPSIM can now offer its customers both extraordinary security and throughput for iconic product launches, holiday surge periods or the re-recredentialing of their subscriber base to the most current eSIM release.”  

Stefan Auerbach, Utimaco CEO stated, “The partnership with RiPSIM Technologies underscores Utimaco’s commitment to solve real world technology challenges with innovative and flexible ways to support our partner without compromising quality, security, or trust.” Auerbach elaborates, “We are proud to be the first and only provider of FIPS 140-2 level 3 Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) as a Service, in addition to our PCI/ P2PE / PIN certified HSM as a Service offering for the payment and financial services industry.  We are excited to partner with RiPSIM and strengthen their secure offerings out of our Utimaco cloud service network to give wireless service providers options that simply haven’t existed before.”    

About RiPSIM Technologies 

RiPSIM Technologies has developed the world’s first software-defined, end-to-end eSIM ecosystem to enable wireless service providers and 4G/5G private network operators to design, develop and deliver digital SIMs (aka “eSIMs”) at any time, in any quantity, for any device, and at the highest security level in the wireless industry. RiPSIM’s patent-pending cloud-native, microservices-based software features highly intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces that allow wireless engineers to develop eSIMs with confidence while   enabling wireless service providers to fully automate their eSIM workflows and reduce operational expenses.   

About Utimaco 

UTIMACO is a global platform provider of trusted Cybersecurity and Compliance solutions and services with headquarters in Aachen (Germany) and Campbell, CA (USA). UTIMACO develops on-premises and cloud-based hardware security modules, solutions for key management, data protection and identity management as well as data intelligence solutions for regulated critical infrastructures and Public Warning Systems. UTIMACO is one of the world’s leading manufacturers in its key market segments.  500+ employees around the globe create innovative solutions and services to protect data, identities and communication networks with responsibility for global customers and citizens. Customers and partners in many different industries value the reliability and long-term investment security of UTIMACO’s high security products and solutions. 


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