About RiPSIM

Disrupting the SIM industry, modernizing and transforming the eSIM process.

We’re creating a world where eSIMs are quick, easy, and affordable, for everyone.

RiPSIM began by asking a few questions:

Why is obtaining a crucial piece of technology, required for every mobile device on the planet to authenticate securely to a wireless network, so frustratingly cumbersome and slow?

Why are we using the same largely manual analog process created for physical SIM cards to design, develop, and deliver digital eSIMs?

How can the process of generating eSIMs be modernized and made more efficient?

What if eSIMS were priced so that a carrier or network provider of any size could afford them?


How it all began

Recognizing that the SIM market was ripe for disruption, a core group of eSIM experts came together to modernize and transform the industry.

The result is RiPSIM, which has built the first-ever integrated, cloud-based software platform for designing, generating, and delivering eSIMs. What takes legacy eSIM vendors months to do, RiPSIM can accomplish in minutes.

The people behind RiPSIM share deep ties in the SIM industry, having been steeped in the technology for decades. We bring knowledge and expertise about SIM technology as well as a commitment to transforming the industry into something that serves the needs of all facets of the wireless market.

Led by the best in the industry.

We’ve assembled a team of experts who are uniquely qualified to disrupt the industry and position your organization for unprecedented autonomy and operational success.

Chris Jahr

Co-Founder, CEO

Bill Peters