April 30, 2024

RiPSIM Press Release

RIPSIM Announces General Availability of its On-Demand eSIM SaaS Platform


New Customers Able to Create eSIMs in Minutes, not Months

ASHBURN, Va., April 30, 2024RiPSIM Technologies, Inc., developer of the world’s first fully SaaS-based, on-demand integrated eSIM management platform, today announced the general availability of its Rapid Integrated Platform for eSIM lifecycle management, along with several new customer wins. Using RiPSIM’s patented and fully GSMA-certified technology, wireless carriers of all sizes can create and download eSIMs in minutes, not months, retaining complete control over the wireless network authorization process and avoiding today’s operational inefficiencies and costly transactions.

“A core group of eSIM experts formed RiPSIM in 2022 with a singular goal: to modernize and transform the way wireless network operators get the eSIMs they need to authenticate devices on their networks,” said Chris Jahr, co-founder and CEO of RiPSIM. “Using our expertise in both SIM and cloud technologies, our RiPSIM platform offers the first cloud-native end-to-end SaaS-based solution that gives customers the autonomy and control they need to design, generate and deploy eSIMs.”

By integrating and automating the previous multiple steps required to get an eSIM, RiPSIM reduces the process from up to 26 weeks to minutes, on demand. The RiPSIM platform has three seamlessly integrated, fully automated modules: its Design Studio, for easy profile creation; e.D.G.A.R. (eSIM Data Generator and Repository); and an instant eSIM downloader component.

RiPSIM Is Meeting A Significant Market Need

Currently, wireless carriers and private network operators face a serious problem: Every mobile device on the planet requires a Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) to authenticate securely to a wireless network. But while the technology has evolved from physical SIM cards to digital SIMs (eSIMs), the process of producing and delivering eSIMs remains stuck in slow, outdated, largely labor-intensive and expensive processes tightly controlled by a handful of SIM vendors.

As the wireless industry embarks on the large-scale transition of billions of SIM cards to eSIMs, and as billions more 5G and IoT devices will soon need network authentication, legacy SIM vendors will be unable to handle demand for the diverse variety of eSIMs that carriers will need. Some emerging solutions have digitized some steps of the process—primarily the final step of downloading eSIMs—but all still rely on legacy vendors and processes for the more complex profile creation and secure eSIM generation steps.

Mobile network operators already express frustration at having to wait weeks or months, and pay high prices, for eSIMs from the small number of legacy SIM vendors. And because their multistep processes and business models require these SIM vendors to prioritize serving the largest carriers, smaller carriers and private network operators face the option of paying exorbitant prices for their smaller volumes of eSIMs or exiting the phone market entirely.

Network Operators are Putting the RiPSIM Platform into Production

RiPSIM is announcing three new customers that are already reaping the benefits of the breakthrough RiPSIM platform:

  • mobi, a Hawai’i-based wireless carrier, is using RiPSIM’s digital platform as it expands to the continental U.S., ensuring secure wireless access for its rapidly growing subscriber base.
  • SEMPRE, a Colorado-based startup, is using the RiPSIM platform to securely generate eSIMs for its military-grade edge micro datacenter, which combines a 5G private network with high-performance computing.
  • James Valley Wireless (JVW), a South Dakota-based telecom company, is leveraging RiPSIM’s eSIM platform, which is key to its ability to continue offering phone services to its subscribers.

About RiPSIM Technologies

RiPSIM Technologies has developed and patented the world’s first software-defined, end-to-end eSIM management platform, enabling wireless service providers and 4G/5G private network operators of any size to design, develop and deliver eSIMs at any time, in any quantity, for any device and at the highest security level in the wireless industry. RiPSIM’s GSMA-certified, cloud-native, microservices-based software features highly intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces that allow wireless engineers, regardless of skill level, to develop eSIMs with confidence, while enabling wireless service providers to fully automate their eSIM workflows and reduce operational expenses. For more information, visit www.ripsim.com.

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