July 9, 2024

Pipeline Magazine

IoT, 5G, and Escaping the eSIM Crunch

(This article was published in Pipeline Magazine)

Pipeline-IoT-Device-Revolution-IssueIoT, 5G, and Escaping the eSIM Crunch by Chris Jahr.

The expansion of 5G networks is expected to enable an explosion of new IoT devices that require mobile network authentication. Currently, cellular network authentication happens via SIM technology, which itself is undergoing a transformation from physical SIM cards to digital eSIMs.

Regardless of the form factor, however, the reality is that the SIM industry is not set up to scale to meet the explosion in volumes expected, especially the needs of an ever-growing number of companies in the IoT market that will require smaller quantities of eSIMs.

Let’s explore the genesis of this impending eSIM crunch and what alternatives might exist for enterprises, IoT platform providers, and IoT device makers.

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